Buildables Pricing Guide & Tips

This is a suggested pricing GUIDE for most bots.  It does NOT include limited editions, rare, and newly released bots as these will have higher prices.  Always keep in mind the laws of supply and demand.  The more there is of something the lower the price and the less there is the higher the price.  Remember, it’s a game and negotiation can be part of the fun.

All levels
Fresh off the pod (meaning 0 build score & not leveled up)
But keep in mind that anything less than 70L you’ll be losing money.

Leveled bots 70L-100L per level
(it takes time to level up and time is money, YOUR time is valuable 😉

Example at 100L/lvl
2/2 = 200
6/11= 600

11/11 = 1100
14/14 = 1400 but as this is the newest level it will be pricer 

If the materials are all at 100% or just about 100%
you can add a little more or use that as a selling point
when advertising your bots

For rare bots you need to educate yourself to find out
what is considered a rare bot.  Here’s a link to help you get started
Pricing for rare bots can be tricky.
Depends on how rare it is and the demand for it.
Both the seller and buyer really need to do their homework.
There are a couple of valuable links at the bottom.

Limited editions also depend on the market supply and demand.
The higher the series of the limited edition the lower the price.
1/1000 about 100-250L
1/500 about 200-250L
1/250 about 200-500L

The more limited (less bots) the limited edition is the higher the price.

Newly released bots will also have a higher price tag as it is NEW.
Keep in mind that a newly released and if it’s a limited edition will also be
more expensive. Once again, EDUCATION is key here.  The blog is very informative

Tips for selling & buying

    • Advertise = Spam (click here for video on advertising).  
      • Spam in as many groups as you can but be careful not to over spam as you
        don’t want people ignoring you or worse yet, blocking you.
      • Group Notices are great because people can refer back to it in the group history of notices.
      • Group Chat is great as well
      • Remember to highlight something special to attract buyers
      • Don’t forget to include your landmark
    • Rent at markets
      • You will have greater exposure
      • Higher traffic than if you have your own store
      • Make an eye catching logo
      • Draw the outside in.  Meaning, lets say you rent a store, try drawing people’s attention by being strategic and placing affordable items in the front or if you can right outside your shop.  This will entice potential buyers to look inside your shop to see what other goodies you may have.
      • Rotate your inventory!  Meaning, swap out what you have out to sell every week or two.  At the very least reshuffle them in your stall or shop and try changing the prices on a few items now and then.  Think about it… if it did not sell in a week or two it most likely won’t sell later on.
      • Be UNPREDICTABLE.  You want to give shoppers something to look forward to.  Maybe have a weekly sale on a couple of items.  Or decorate with something really outlandish that no one else has done.  Make it fun for yourself lol.
      • Decorate nicely – can be simple but nice => eye catching 😉
      • STAND OUT OF THE CROWD 😉 meaning, try specializing in something. Examples, maybe specialize in 
        • limited editions
        • rare bots
        • fully leveled
        • minis 
        • specific variant (texture, paint job:)
        • certain levels
        • use your imagination 😉
    • Don’t forget marketplace  It’s a great selling tool.  Here are a few video tutorials about marketplace and how to list your items.
    • Goto AUCTIONS
      • It’s a great place to sell an item or two
        • Always tip the auctioneer if your item is sold (that’s how most auction houses work)
        • If your item sold thank the buyer, invite them to your shop or stall and pass them your landmark, which brings me to the next point…
      • It’s a great place to network as well
        • Invite people to your shop and give out your landmark (remember, your landmark is like your business card)
    • Your PROFILE PICK!
      • Put your shops and/or stalls in your profile picks 😉
    • don’t be afraid to negotiate 🙂   Most sellers are friendly and informative.
    • If you’re looking for something special
      • You can ask a seller
      • Ask in group chat
      • You can also spam/advertise that you are looking for something
      • Ask if they know someone who might have what you’re looking for
      • Try an area search (usually under the World tab)
        • Name – try part of the name. For example…
          • 1/   to find limited editions
        • Creator – enter the name of the creator which, in this case is Shane Neilson and you should see all crated bots come up

Here are a couple of links you should check out:
Main Buildables website & Buildables blog


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