Buildables (Breedable Robots) AFFORDABLE & MEGA FUN!


BUILDABLES are robots building robots.  It is a kind of breedable in Second Life (SL).   But, as I’m sure you know, they can be expensive (food, supplies, prims), laggy and complicated genetics.   But the Buildables are affordable, super low lag, and not genetically based.


Ok, lets talk money honey. . .

Lets talk about “food.” The bots need power and oil (like food) to fuel them and you can get a LIFETIME OF UNLIMITED POWER & OIL for ALL your bots for however long you have them and only cost 1000 lindens each.  So for a total of 2000 lindens for both you’ll be able to fuel ALL your bots for the rest of your life.  How amazing is that?!

Small 1 prim each, Power M&L 31p, Oil M&L 37p

Small Power & Oil are 1 prim each.  Medium & Large POWER are 31 prims each and the Medium & Large Oil facilities are 37 prims each

If you’re concerned about PRIMS the small power plants for the power & oil are ONLY ONE PRIM! YES! ONLY 1 PRIM EACH 🙂  So with only 2 prims you can fuel ALL your bots within a 100m radius.  That is almost 1/4 sim.  The bots themselves are 17 prims each.  At 17 prims each it can get costly to pay rent for the prims but there is an alternative to SL.  The creators are also providing a new virtual world for the bots and it is called EMILAC.  You can get a whole sim to put up your building factory for only 10,ooo Lindens A MONTH (smaller parcels available as well).  350 bots and the rest of the prims to decorate.  Buildables is the ONLY breedable that does this!  For more EMILAC info click here.

Super LOW LAG.   Because are bots are so low lag due to amazing scripting it allows for more of them to be active in one place before lag becomes apparent.  In SL, for example, you can have 256 active bots on one sim before it starts to cough.  I am not sure about other breedables but I do know Buildables is amongst the lowest in SL and allow for more activity than any other breedable.  If you edit any other breedable and look for script info while it’s doing stuff you’ll see it’s way higher and using far more cpu script time which is what causes lag.

Need HELP or support for your breedable?  Tiered of the impersonal attention, treated like a ticket number, and filling out forms?  Well, the group members are very helpful and so are the creators, Bill & Shane.  Yes, the creators are great people and treat everyone with respect and care.  One of them is always around or you can just send them a notecard or 2 (hey, they’re human and SL sometimes eats up notecards lol).

STARTER PACK only 299 Lindens!!!  Unlike so many other breedables with expensive starter packs this one is ONLY 299 Lindens.  You get everything you need to try  the bots.  Included in the package are:

Starter Pack 299L

2 very cool starter bots, power and oil for the pair of bots for up to 1 week, 1 building pod for 10 builds (the first 2 builds are the 2 starter bots), and 10 display crates.

What else do I need to spend money on?  The 2 things you will need to buy are building pods and display crates but once again the cost is minimal.  So you have an idea here are some pics of the options you have:

Building Pods (average 20-25L per build)

Pod 10 249LPod 25 499LOmega 1250

Display Crates (4L per crates & Gift crates 10L each)

Display Crates 25 100LDisplay Crates 100 400Lgift crate

So depending on the packages you buy the average cost in supplies you need will run about 25-30L per bot.  Can’t get any better than that.

!!!IMPORTANT INFO ON CRATING!!!  DO NOT, I REAPEAT DO NOT PICK UP A REZZED BOT INTO INVENTORY!!!   A bot MUST be crated to sell or be put into inventory.  Simply rez a “crate”, touch it and you will be asked to then touch a bot to send to the crate.  NOW touch the bot… the blue dialogue menu click MORE, then “GO CRATE”… The bot will then go to the crate….de-rez himself, and he will put himself into the crate!  The bots stats will then be shown above the crate for all to see!  You can now take the “crate” into your inventory, or set for sale.  When a crate is in your inventory, it actually provides the name of the type of bot in the crate for easy access to organizing your inventory.

Another really great thing about the buildables is that your crated bot will NOT lose power or oil in your inventory!  Unlike so many other breedables that will die in your inventory for lack of food the crated bots do not.  The key is CRATING.

Here is a video, it’s slightly outdated but the basics still hold true:


If you want to watch another video with a little info about the bots here is an interview with one of the original creators, Batrastard Panthar:

So check out one of our many exhibits throughout SL and get your starter pack.  Free starter packs are also available by contacting azalin12 inworld.


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