Buildables – How To’s & Tips

Never Know what ur gonna get


1. Set bot crate on the ground , touch and choose open. The bot will then rez.
DO NOT ever take a bot into inventory without first crating it – you must crate a bot to take into inventory.


2. Open the power and the oil , and put them out. The bots will automatically feed when needed.  The power & oil facilities will fuel your bots within a 100 meter range.  And the nice thing about the bots is that you can get unlimited power and oil.

3. Bots will gather steel, alloy, silver and gold.  They gain experience as they gather materials.  Once a pair of bots has gathered at least 100 percent steel they are ready to build you another bot.

4. To build the bots must be the same type/kind, for example both should be Snorks.  But the bots do not have to be the same variant (texture, paint job)  or level, for example, they can both be snorks but one can be fire and the other a rainbow.  But, building tip 101 is that to have a chance at a limited edition the bots should be identical (same type and texture).  You must have a building pod or go to a place with a public building pod called The Omega Pod.  Rez your building pod out. Touch one red circle then touch the bot and on the menu choose go pod, then click the other red circle and send the 2nd bot to the other red circle on the pod. The green circle in the middle is where the new bot will be built.  Here’s a pic of a pair of identical snork fires on a building pod and they built a frost-e…

Gem Pod

The beauty of building is you never know what you will get. The bots can build you anything. EX: you may build with two Stompers (elephants) and get a spitfire (dragon). That’s why they are so much fun.

Building Tips coming soon


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