In Honor & Remembrance of Batrastard Panthar

I did not have the honor to meet Batrastard but in the time I have been in Buildables (a breedable in Second Life) I have only ever heard wonderful things about him.  He was one of the original creators of the breedable Buildables by Sharkclub, which are robots that build robots.  In my intrigue to find out more about him I found several things I would like to share.  I hope that by the time you are done reading if you did not know him you will feel like you have which has been my experience in my process of writing this article.  Please feel free to share your comments at the bottom.

First, lets put a picture to the face:

Bat rl  BatRastard profile copy

A very handsome man indeed in both real life and Second Life.  And for all you profile perves out there here is a pic of Bat’s profile as well:

Bats Profile

I wanted to hear from people that knew him such as Bill Dabbles (aries.westland) I spoke to Bill and he had this to share:

Bill:   Batrastard Panthar, a pull no punches man from Arizona who loved drums, music, weed, vodka, cooking with bacon grease, his motorcycle and his bass guitar, who doesn’t :).  I first met Bat through a friend of mine who told him I was a graphics guy, at this time he was creating gambling games as Sharkclub Gaming [I always wondered where the name came from] with Shane Nielson and needed someone to do the games graphics.  After seeing what I could do we started working together.  I soon realized he had a great creative mind but lacked the ability to put it into prims and textures.  That’s where I came in, and after around a year of working together and becoming friends, Bat, Shane and myself had become a force to be reckoned with in the SL [Second Life] community.  It was around the time of a breedable slump, people were on a downer about breedables as a whole and were maybe looking for something different, something better, something Buildable !   Batrastard came to me one day and said, something like “Hey Aries, you think you could make a robot?” “yeah” I replied and the original Rolly was born, unchanged throughout the whole process.  It was time for Shane to shine and do what he does best, bring my little Rolly to life. Bat and Shane worked tirelessly, night after night fine tuning the system which let me just add, Shane had never owned any kind of breedable, had no idea of the normal operations of a breedable but yet made one of the best breedable systems SL has or ever will see.  As you all know Buildables is an ever changing, developing system that brings to you variety like no other, features that captivate like no other and for those who knew him, a friend like no other.  Batrastards legacy is right here in SL each time you open a crate, build a bot, interact with a bot, trade and watch it recycle as these were his brain childs.  Those of you who knew him, knew he could be, well awkward? but he said it like it was and for the most [part] he was understood.  This is sometimes the way of genius, he always had some kind of scheme going on, be that in SL or RL.  My last communication with him was through FB when i wished him a happy birthday after we had fallen out.  I miss you buddy and I know if you’re watching from where ever you are you agree with what we’ve done to keep Buildables alive…. peace man.

There are still several people that did have the pleasure of meeting Bat such as Rocko Ghoststar.  He has a memorial dedicate to Bat (pic1) which you can visit HERE.  I also found a pic of a memorial that was dedicated to Bat at the Buildables Headquarter (pic2).  Take a look:

Bat Memorial  2Batrastard memorial at SharkClub Gaming_001

Songbird (gasongbird jewell) also had this to say:   Unlike some of the people who had the fortune (or misfortune, depending on the circumstances) to meet Bat, I had never seen a bot before meeting him. I had gaming machines on the sim I owned at the time, and happened to land at Sharkclub Gaming when he was working on a particular bot. He called me over, wanting to know my opinion, as Buildables was still in beta testing. I was mesmerized by the fact that you never knew what the bots were going to build, and agreed to be a beta tester that first night.  Bat liked to burn the midnight oil, as did I, and there would be many a night he would tp me over to look at a brand new build, and I felt honored he would share his prototypes with me. His enthusiasm for this unconventional breedable was infectious, and he is very much missed, at least by this bot builder. Rest in peace Bat, your bots live on.

There is a great article dedicated to Bat that you may also like to check out HERE as well as an Interview on youtube where we can actually listen to Bat and if you are still wanting to learn more about him here is the link to his RL Facebook profile

The BatRoMech was made in honor of Batrastard Panthar and recently another variant was released .November 6, 2015 was Bats birthday and would have been 46.  Bat passed in RL November 2013, not long after his birthday so to remember him a new and special variant of the BatRoMech was released.  It is limited, 1/46, it is a level 11 and not scored in the usual manner.  Here are pics of the original variant of the BatRoMech, Bat’s avi, and the new variant recently released in remembrance.  After taking a look I think we now can see the resemblance 🙂

BAT Bigcollage

Happy birthday and rest in peace Batrastard Panthar

*Please leave comments and especially if you have a story to share.


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