Buildables (Breedable Robots) AFFORDABLE & MEGA FUN!


BUILDABLES are robots building robots.  It is a kind of breedable in Second Life (SL).   But, as I’m sure you know, they can be expensive (food, supplies, prims), laggy and complicated genetics.   But the Buildables are affordable, super low lag, and not genetically based.


Ok, lets talk money honey. . .

Lets talk about “food.” The bots need power and oil (like food) to fuel them and you can get a LIFETIME OF UNLIMITED POWER & OIL for ALL your bots for however long you have them and only cost 1000 lindens each.  So for a total of 2000 lindens for both you’ll be able to fuel ALL your bots for the rest of your life.  How amazing is that?!

Small 1 prim each, Power M&L 31p, Oil M&L 37p

Small Power & Oil are 1 prim each.  Medium & Large POWER are 31 prims each and the Medium & Large Oil facilities are 37 prims each

If you’re concerned about PRIMS the small power plants for the power & oil are ONLY ONE PRIM! YES! ONLY 1 PRIM EACH 🙂  So with only 2 prims you can fuel ALL your bots within a 100m radius.  That is almost 1/4 sim.  The bots themselves are 17 prims each.  At 17 prims each it can get costly to pay rent for the prims but there is an alternative to SL.  The creators are also providing a new virtual world for the bots and it is called EMILAC.  You can get a whole sim to put up your building factory for only 10,ooo Lindens A MONTH (smaller parcels available as well).  350 bots and the rest of the prims to decorate.  Buildables is the ONLY breedable that does this!  For more EMILAC info click here.

Super LOW LAG.   Because are bots are so low lag due to amazing scripting it allows for more of them to be active in one place before lag becomes apparent.  In SL, for example, you can have 256 active bots on one sim before it starts to cough.  I am not sure about other breedables but I do know Buildables is amongst the lowest in SL and allow for more activity than any other breedable.  If you edit any other breedable and look for script info while it’s doing stuff you’ll see it’s way higher and using far more cpu script time which is what causes lag.

Need HELP or support for your breedable?  Tiered of the impersonal attention, treated like a ticket number, and filling out forms?  Well, the group members are very helpful and so are the creators, Bill & Shane.  Yes, the creators are great people and treat everyone with respect and care.  One of them is always around or you can just send them a notecard or 2 (hey, they’re human and SL sometimes eats up notecards lol).

STARTER PACK only 299 Lindens!!!  Unlike so many other breedables with expensive starter packs this one is ONLY 299 Lindens.  You get everything you need to try  the bots.  Included in the package are:

Starter Pack 299L

2 very cool starter bots, power and oil for the pair of bots for up to 1 week, 1 building pod for 10 builds (the first 2 builds are the 2 starter bots), and 10 display crates.

What else do I need to spend money on?  The 2 things you will need to buy are building pods and display crates but once again the cost is minimal.  So you have an idea here are some pics of the options you have:

Building Pods (average 20-25L per build)

Pod 10 249LPod 25 499LOmega 1250

Display Crates (4L per crates & Gift crates 10L each)

Display Crates 25 100LDisplay Crates 100 400Lgift crate

So depending on the packages you buy the average cost in supplies you need will run about 25-30L per bot.  Can’t get any better than that.

!!!IMPORTANT INFO ON CRATING!!!  DO NOT, I REAPEAT DO NOT PICK UP A REZZED BOT INTO INVENTORY!!!   A bot MUST be crated to sell or be put into inventory.  Simply rez a “crate”, touch it and you will be asked to then touch a bot to send to the crate.  NOW touch the bot… the blue dialogue menu click MORE, then “GO CRATE”… The bot will then go to the crate….de-rez himself, and he will put himself into the crate!  The bots stats will then be shown above the crate for all to see!  You can now take the “crate” into your inventory, or set for sale.  When a crate is in your inventory, it actually provides the name of the type of bot in the crate for easy access to organizing your inventory.

Another really great thing about the buildables is that your crated bot will NOT lose power or oil in your inventory!  Unlike so many other breedables that will die in your inventory for lack of food the crated bots do not.  The key is CRATING.

Here is a video, it’s slightly outdated but the basics still hold true:


If you want to watch another video with a little info about the bots here is an interview with one of the original creators, Batrastard Panthar:

So check out one of our many exhibits throughout SL and get your starter pack.  Free starter packs are also available by contacting azalin12 inworld.


Buildables Pricing Guide & Tips

This is a suggested pricing GUIDE for most bots.  It does NOT include limited editions, rare, and newly released bots as these will have higher prices.  Always keep in mind the laws of supply and demand.  The more there is of something the lower the price and the less there is the higher the price.  Remember, it’s a game and negotiation can be part of the fun.

All levels
Fresh off the pod (meaning 0 build score & not leveled up)
But keep in mind that anything less than 70L you’ll be losing money.

Leveled bots 70L-100L per level
(it takes time to level up and time is money, YOUR time is valuable 😉

Example at 100L/lvl
2/2 = 200
6/11= 600

11/11 = 1100
14/14 = 1400 but as this is the newest level it will be pricer 

If the materials are all at 100% or just about 100%
you can add a little more or use that as a selling point
when advertising your bots

For rare bots you need to educate yourself to find out
what is considered a rare bot.  Here’s a link to help you get started
Pricing for rare bots can be tricky.
Depends on how rare it is and the demand for it.
Both the seller and buyer really need to do their homework.
There are a couple of valuable links at the bottom.

Limited editions also depend on the market supply and demand.
The higher the series of the limited edition the lower the price.
1/1000 about 100-250L
1/500 about 200-250L
1/250 about 200-500L

The more limited (less bots) the limited edition is the higher the price.

Newly released bots will also have a higher price tag as it is NEW.
Keep in mind that a newly released and if it’s a limited edition will also be
more expensive. Once again, EDUCATION is key here.  The blog is very informative

Tips for selling & buying

    • Advertise = Spam (click here for video on advertising).  
      • Spam in as many groups as you can but be careful not to over spam as you
        don’t want people ignoring you or worse yet, blocking you.
      • Group Notices are great because people can refer back to it in the group history of notices.
      • Group Chat is great as well
      • Remember to highlight something special to attract buyers
      • Don’t forget to include your landmark
    • Rent at markets
      • You will have greater exposure
      • Higher traffic than if you have your own store
      • Make an eye catching logo
      • Draw the outside in.  Meaning, lets say you rent a store, try drawing people’s attention by being strategic and placing affordable items in the front or if you can right outside your shop.  This will entice potential buyers to look inside your shop to see what other goodies you may have.
      • Rotate your inventory!  Meaning, swap out what you have out to sell every week or two.  At the very least reshuffle them in your stall or shop and try changing the prices on a few items now and then.  Think about it… if it did not sell in a week or two it most likely won’t sell later on.
      • Be UNPREDICTABLE.  You want to give shoppers something to look forward to.  Maybe have a weekly sale on a couple of items.  Or decorate with something really outlandish that no one else has done.  Make it fun for yourself lol.
      • Decorate nicely – can be simple but nice => eye catching 😉
      • STAND OUT OF THE CROWD 😉 meaning, try specializing in something. Examples, maybe specialize in 
        • limited editions
        • rare bots
        • fully leveled
        • minis 
        • specific variant (texture, paint job:)
        • certain levels
        • use your imagination 😉
    • Don’t forget marketplace  It’s a great selling tool.  Here are a few video tutorials about marketplace and how to list your items.
    • Goto AUCTIONS
      • It’s a great place to sell an item or two
        • Always tip the auctioneer if your item is sold (that’s how most auction houses work)
        • If your item sold thank the buyer, invite them to your shop or stall and pass them your landmark, which brings me to the next point…
      • It’s a great place to network as well
        • Invite people to your shop and give out your landmark (remember, your landmark is like your business card)
    • Your PROFILE PICK!
      • Put your shops and/or stalls in your profile picks 😉
    • don’t be afraid to negotiate 🙂   Most sellers are friendly and informative.
    • If you’re looking for something special
      • You can ask a seller
      • Ask in group chat
      • You can also spam/advertise that you are looking for something
      • Ask if they know someone who might have what you’re looking for
      • Try an area search (usually under the World tab)
        • Name – try part of the name. For example…
          • 1/   to find limited editions
        • Creator – enter the name of the creator which, in this case is Shane Neilson and you should see all crated bots come up

Here are a couple of links you should check out:
Main Buildables website & Buildables blog



Where to pay Emilac sim fees:

Taxi to LM in SL  it’s at the main Buildables HQ.  It is located down the stairs and to the left of the main landing point.  You can get detailed instruction on how to pay and you will see the following:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Joining Emilac:

Following are detailed instruction on getting onto Emillac but also note that you will need to buy building pods and crates at the Buildables Headquarters (main store) at a special Emilac vendor in SL.  The items will be delivered to your Emilac account Click here for the LM/Taxi  

Emilac Vendor

When you purchase your supplies they will be delivered to your Emilac account.

When you finally get to Emilac you will need to contact Bill or Shane to provide you with power, oil, and the bot stargate (ports bots between SL & Emilca).

Bot Stargate

Once in Emilac you will also be able to get free avatars and things for your avi like an outfit, shape, shoes…  Click here for LM/Taxi

Are you asking how to get on Emilac?  You will need to prepare your viewer for Emilac and you will also need to register on the Emilac website.  Here are instructions and please read carefully:

How to get connected to Emilac

If your viewer allows the use of other grids then find the grid management setting.
In Singularity it’s near the login fields, on firestorm press CTRL + P then goto Opensim.

Singularity : Open Singularity Viewer

Capture1 Capture2􀀄􀀅

Click Grid manager, See where it says Create, click that button then the URI bar will allow text entry􀀃

Capture3  in the space type

then hit Refresh Grid URI’s

Capture5􀀂 Hit Apply. the Grid will load.

Firestorm : Open Firestorm viewer

Press CTRL+P to open the preferences window

Capture FS1

􀀁 Make sure you have Grid Manager open as in the picture attached. See the bar where it says Add new grid, type into the bar

Capture fs2

􀀀 click apply next to the bar then hit apply at the bottom of the preferences window and finalize it all with OK. The grid is now added.
Look for Log into grid button and open it 􀀆

Capture fs3

look for your newly added emilac grid in the list 􀀇

Capture fs4

click it and Emilac will load on your viewer.􀀈

Capture fs5


Website Registration Instructions:

Open your internet browser and type this or click here to open the page  <<<<====

Look down the right hand side for the Create an account text. 􀀉

Capture web4
Click the green text, this will open the registration form. 􀀊

Capture web2
You only need to fill in the fields with * next to them.

Starting at the top of the registration form:

Name* This is any name you want to use for us to contact you, like your RL name.
Username* This is a name you want people to see you as on the Emilac website.
Password* This is your password for Emilac login and website login, this is case sensitive.
Confirm Password* Repeat the password you entered on the previous line.
Email Address* This is your contact email address, a confirmation email will be sent to this address for your registration to the website. Check your email, check your spam.


Emilac Grid Account Details

Inworld First Name* This is important !!!!! If you’re coming over from SL and want to use your Robots in Emilac you must enter your Secondlife FIRST name of your USER NAME, not display name and it must be exactly as it is in SL, remember it is case sensitive.  Enter your SL first name for Emilac.    Example, ama Caramel is my SL username and I entered ama for my first name for Emilac
Inworld Last Name* This is important !!!!! If you’re coming over from SL and want to use your Robots in Emilac you must enter your Secondlife LAST name of your USER NAME, not display name and it must be exactly as it is in SL, remember it is case sensitive.  Enter your SL last name for Emilac.    Example, ama Caramel is my SL username and I entered Caramel for my first name for Emilac
Hit the Register button at the bottom of the form 􀀋

Capture web4
and check your email. click the link you receive and you’re done.

Now open your chosen viewer and log in using the details you have just supplied, remember it’s all case sensitive so if your name is Joe Bloggs don’t enter joe bloggs type it with the uppercase letters where needed, for instance Joe Bloggs then enter your password.

Buildables – How To’s & Tips

Never Know what ur gonna get


1. Set bot crate on the ground , touch and choose open. The bot will then rez.
DO NOT ever take a bot into inventory without first crating it – you must crate a bot to take into inventory.


2. Open the power and the oil , and put them out. The bots will automatically feed when needed.  The power & oil facilities will fuel your bots within a 100 meter range.  And the nice thing about the bots is that you can get unlimited power and oil.

3. Bots will gather steel, alloy, silver and gold.  They gain experience as they gather materials.  Once a pair of bots has gathered at least 100 percent steel they are ready to build you another bot.

4. To build the bots must be the same type/kind, for example both should be Snorks.  But the bots do not have to be the same variant (texture, paint job)  or level, for example, they can both be snorks but one can be fire and the other a rainbow.  But, building tip 101 is that to have a chance at a limited edition the bots should be identical (same type and texture).  You must have a building pod or go to a place with a public building pod called The Omega Pod.  Rez your building pod out. Touch one red circle then touch the bot and on the menu choose go pod, then click the other red circle and send the 2nd bot to the other red circle on the pod. The green circle in the middle is where the new bot will be built.  Here’s a pic of a pair of identical snork fires on a building pod and they built a frost-e…

Gem Pod

The beauty of building is you never know what you will get. The bots can build you anything. EX: you may build with two Stompers (elephants) and get a spitfire (dragon). That’s why they are so much fun.

Building Tips coming soon

How RARE is a bot?

After the level 2 contest I started to wonder about how rare some bots really are.  It reminded me of when I first started.  I knew that a limited edition was special but I didn’t realize how special they really are.  At the time, if I built a limited edition that I was not too crazy about or for whatever crazy reason didn’t care for I just recycled them.  I used to think that limited meant there could only ever be that X number of bots on the grid at the same time.  I was so wrong.  I have never recycled another limited edition since lol.  So take it from me, DO NOT RECYCLE LIMITED EDITIONS NOR RETIRE THEM. When you retire a bot that means they cannot build (breed) with them anymore.
Sometimes I wonder who are the lucky people that have some of the super rare bots like the Spitfire Relay for Life, Chip RFLs (a male and female so only 1 of each pictured above), the Tritop Koosh Mega (only 2), or the Spyda 11/11/11 Day 1/11.   If you have some of these or other special bots it would be great to hear from you.  
To get a better idea of how rare a bot is you can look at the list of bots inworld at the main Buildables website HERE .  You can also visit the permanent display HERE . I also recently asked Bill Dabbles, one of the buildables creators, for a list of bots that cannot be built anymore that are not limited editions & limited editions that have all been built.  This is the updated list.  

Updated as of April 2016

NOT limited editions & CANNOT be built

  1. Rolly LVL 2
  2. Spitfire Mini Hot Pink LVL 2
  3. Xmas Special LVL 2
  4. Saucy LVL 2
  5. Toonz Mini LVL 2
  6. Xmas Special LVL 3
  7. Toonz Sky LVL 3
  8. Swammy Red LVL 4
  9. Xmas Special LVL 4
  10. Toonz Mini Sky LVL 4
  11. Ted-E Mini Valentines Limited LVL 5
  12. Ted-E Valentines Limited LVL 5
  13. OUTLAW BOT #1 8000 PT LVL 5
  14. Xmas Special LVL 5
  15. OUTLAW BOT #1 10000 PT LVL 5
  16. OUTLAW BOT #1 6000 PT LVL 5
  17. OUTLAW BOT #1 4000 PT LVL 5
  18. Boomer Valentines Limited LVL 6
  19. Tritop Mini Camo LVL 6
  20. Eve RedTek LVL 8

Limited editions ALL Built

  1. Jack-O-Rider 1/40 LVL 2
  2. Rolly Stained Glass 1/250 LVL 3
  3. Rolly Hot Pink 1/100 LVL 3
  4. Rolly Molten 1/100 LVL 3
  5. Rolly Battle Pepe 1/25 LVL 3
  6. Spitfire 2012 #1 1/20 LVL 3
  7. Jack-O Halloween Special 1/40 LVL 3
  8. Rolly Battle Shatner 1/25 LVL 3
  9. Rolly Battle Tekz 1/25 LVL 3
  10. Swammy Mini 1/250 LVL 3
  11. Grillz Inferno 1/10 LVL 3
  12. Swammy Onyx 1/10 LVL 4
  13. Swammy Mini Rasta 1/100 LVL 4
  14. Swammy Mini Onyx 1/10 LVL 4
  15. Dino MEGA 1/10 LVL 4
  16. Rolly SPOOKED 1/20 LVL 4
  17. Spyda 11/11/11 Day 1/11 LVL 4
  18. Spyda Spooked 1/20 LVL 4
  19. Dino Christmas 1/50 LVL 4
  20. Ted-E Mini Panda 1/50 LVL 4
  21. Spitfire Relay for Life Her 1/1 LVL 4
  22. Spitfire Relay for Life Him 1/1 LVL 4
  23. Spitfire 2012 #2 1/20 LVL 4
  24. D-Fly Rasta 1/100 LVL 4
  25. SpareParts Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  26. Dino Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  27. Dino Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  28. Ted-E Mini Rasta 1/10 LVL 4
  29. Spyda Hot Pink 1/250 LVL 4
  30. Spyda Rasta 1/200 LVL 4
  31. Spyda Mini Rasta 1/250 LVL 4
  32. Spyda Mini Onyx 1/100 LVL 4
  33. Scorpimech Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  34. Rolly Gold DELUXE 1/100 LVL 4
  35. Rover Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  36. Tank Gold 1/100 LVL 4
  37. Ted-E Mini Bubbles 1/100 LVL 4
  38. Spyda Mega Ice 1/10 LVL 5
  39. Spyda Mega Ying-Yang 1/10 LVL 5
  40. Spyda Radioactive 1/100 LVL 5
  41. D-Fly Sky 1/50 LVL 5
  42. Swammy Spooked 1/20 LVL 5
  43. Jaws Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  44. Rolly Fire Deluxe 1/100 LVL 5
  45. Rolly Ice 1/100 LVL 5
  46. Spitfire Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  47. Ted-E 2012 Mega 1/10 LVL 5
  48. Scorpimech Hot Pink 1/100 LVL 5
  49. Tritop Bumblebee Mega 1/10 LVL 5
  50. Spyda Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  51. Spike Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  52. Rover 4X4 Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  53. Spitfire 2012 #3 1/20 LVL 5
  54. EzroH Spooked 1/20 LVL 5
  55. Spyda Venom 1/25 LVL 5
  56. Swarm Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  57. Leo Rasta 1/50 LVL 5
  58. Ted-E Panda 1/100 LVL 5
  59. Ted-E Panda MEGA 1/10 LVL 5
  60. Toonz Gold Deluxe 1/20 LVL 5
  61. Rover Mini 4X4 Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  62. Swarm Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  63. Rover Mini 4X4 Onyx 1/250 LVL 5
  64. Toonz Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  65. Ribit Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  66. Rover Mini Ice DELUXE 1/100 LVL 5
  67. Ted-E Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  68. Spyda Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  69. Scorpimech Mini Onyx 1/100 LVL 5
  70. Swammy Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  71. Swammy Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  72. Toonz Mini Gold Deluxe 1/20 LVL 5
  73. Grillz Stained Glass 1/50 LVL 5
  74. Grillz Mini Inferno 1/10 LVL 5
  75. Grillz Rasta 1/50 LVL 5
  76. Swammy Hot Pink 1/50 LVL 5
  77. Ribit Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  78. Boomer Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  79. Grillz Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  80. Grillz Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  81. Jaws Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  82. Toonz Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 5
  83. Tripp Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  84. Tritop Badass Mega 1/10 LVL 6
  85. Scorpimech Mega 1/10 LVL 6
  86. Tritop Koosh Mega 1/2 LVL 6
  87. Leo Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  88. Grillz Rainbow 1/50 LVL 6
  89. Bun-E Pink 1/50 LVL 6
  90. Roofus Rainbow 1/50 LVL 6
  91. Chip Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  92. Spitfire 2012 #4 1/20 LVL 6
  93. Spyda Mega Inferno 1/10 LVL 6
  94. D-Fly Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  95. Ted-E Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  96. Stomper Driven Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  97. EzroH Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  98. Sluggo Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  99. Stomper Driven Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  100. Spyda Mega Valentines 1/10 LVL 6
  101. Whiplash Gold 1/100 LVL 6
  102. Tritop Rasta 1/50 LVL 7
  103. Spitfire 2012 #5 1/20 LVL 7
  104. Trax Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  105. Scrubz Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  106. Tritop Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  107. Tritop Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  108. Tritop Hybrid Mega 1/20 LVL 7
  109. Leo Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  110. Hardcase Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  111. Spitfire Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 7
  112. Tic Tic Atlas 1/50 LVL 7
  113. Stomper Driven Onyx 1/50 LVL 7
  114. Orbie Gold 1/100 LVL 8
  115. Chipette Gold 1/100 LVL 8
  116. Boomer Mini Gold 1/100 LVL 8
  117. Tic Tic Gold 1/100 LVL 8
  118. BatRoMech Rasta 1/50 LVL 8
  119. Sluggo Rainbow 1/50 LVL 8
  120. Cammy Gold 1/100 LVL 8
  121. Tic Tic Rainbow 1/50 LVL 8
  122. ChocoBot 1/50 LVL 8
  123. Chirstmas Eve 1/100 LVL 8
  124. Valentina Eve 1/50 LVL 8
  125. Trax Mega 1/10 LVL 8
  126. Rolly Fireworks 2015 1/10 LVL 8
  127. Scrubz Spooked 1/20 LVL 8
  128. RetroBot Gold 1/100 LVL 9
  129. Eve Rainbow 1/50 LVL 9
  130. Trax Camo 1/250 LVL 9
  131. Trashy Rainbow 1/50 LVL 9
  132. Trashinator Gold 1/100 LVL 9
  133. Screamer Hippy 1/10 LVL 9
  134. Bun-E Blue 1/50 LVL 9
  135. Screamer Rasta 1/25 LVL 9
  136. Cammy Hippy 1/10 LVL 9
  137. Sluggo Rasta 1/50 LVL 9
  138. Tic Tic Mega 1/10 LVL 9
  139. Cammy Rasta 1/25 LVL 9
  140. BatRoMech Mega 1/10 LVL 9
  141. BatRoMech Gold 1/100 LVL 9
  142. Screamer Gold 1/100 LVL 9
  143. Grillz Kong Mega 1/10 LVL 10
  144. Snork Onyx 2016 1/50 LVL 10
  145. Bun-E Kit 1/50 LVL 10
  146. Slither Rainbow 1/50 LVL 10
  147. Snork Rainbow 1/50 LVL 10
  148. Tic Tic Spooked 1/20 LVL 10
  149. Trax Rainbow 1/50 LVL 10
  150. Eve Gold 1/100 LVL 10
  151. Leo Mega Zomb 1/10 LVL 10
  152. DrilleX Gold 1/100 LVL 11
  153. Chip Mama RFL 1/1 LVL 11
  154. Chip Papa Gold 1/100 LVL 11
  155. Chip Papa RFL 1/1 LVL 11
  156. Kit-E Rasta 1/50 LVL 11
  157. Snork Gold 1/100 LVL 11
  158. Chip Mama Gold 1/100 LVL 11
  159. Cheez-E MEGA 1/10 LVL 12

Limited editions NOT all Built 

Number at the end between “#” is the number of bots that can still be built

  1. “Frost-E Gold 1/100″,”96”
  2. “Flutter Gold 1/100″,”94”
  3. “Kit-E Gold 1/100″,”47”
  4. “Slither Gold 1/100″,”49”
  5. “Cheez-E Rasta 1/50″,”4”
  6. “Gardenator Rainbow 1/50″,”21”
  7. “Flutter Rasta 1/50″,”34”
  8. “DrilleX Rainbow 1/50″,”39”
  9. “BatRoMech Birthday 1/46″,”32”
  10. “Rex Gold 1/100″,”36”
  11. “Rex Rasta 1/50″,”4”
  12. “Hardcase Rainbow 1/50″,”10”
  13. “RetroBot Rainbow 1/50″,”7”
  14. “Roofus Gold 1/100″,”80”
  15. “Orbie Rainbow 1/50″,”5”
  16. “Scorpimech Rainbow 1/50″,”9”
  17. “Saucy 2012 Gold 1/100″,”6”
  18. “Dino Rainbow 1/50″,”2”
  19. “Ribit Rainbow 1/50″,”1”
  20. “Scorpimech Gold 1/100″,”35”
  21. “Swarm Rainbow 1/50″,”25”
  22. “Toonz Rainbow 1/50″,”19”
  23. “Spyda Rainbow 1/50″,”20”
  24. “Rolly MK2 Gold 1/100″,”38”
  25. “Ted-E Rainbow 1/50″,”16”
  26. “Swammy Camo 1/250″,”78”
  27. “Spyda Camo 1/1000″,”741”
  28. “Ted-E Camo 1/1000″,”497”
  29. “Rover 4X4 Dirty 1/500″,”407”
  30. “Ted-E Cotton Candy 1/1000”
  31. “Rolly Mini Gold 1/100″,”3”
  32. “Rover 4X4 Hot Pink 1/50″,”14”
  33. “Ted-E Sky 1/500″,”118”
  34. “Rover 4X4 Fire 1/1000″,”709”
  35. “Rover Red 1/250″,”94”
  36. “Rolly Mini Gold DELUXE 1/100″,”34”
  37. “Spyda Mini Widowmaker 1/250″,”124”
  38. “Rover 4X4 Onyx 1/1000″,”603”
  39. “Rover Yellow 1/1000″,”623”
  40. “Rolly 1/250″,”87”
  41. “Rover Rainbow 1/50″,”29”
  42. “Rover 4X4 Clean 1/500″,”468”
  43. “Scorpimech 1/250″,”4”
  44. “Rover Camo 1/100″,”30”
  45. “Rolly Mini Hot Pink 1/500″,”200”
  46. “Rover Hot Pink 1/250″,”45”
  47. “Rover Mini Red 1/250″,”46”
  48. “SpareParts Rainbow 1/50″,”30”
  49. “Rolly Gold 1/100″,”25”

In Honor & Remembrance of Batrastard Panthar

I did not have the honor to meet Batrastard but in the time I have been in Buildables (a breedable in Second Life) I have only ever heard wonderful things about him.  He was one of the original creators of the breedable Buildables by Sharkclub, which are robots that build robots.  In my intrigue to find out more about him I found several things I would like to share.  I hope that by the time you are done reading if you did not know him you will feel like you have which has been my experience in my process of writing this article.  Please feel free to share your comments at the bottom.

First, lets put a picture to the face:

Bat rl  BatRastard profile copy

A very handsome man indeed in both real life and Second Life.  And for all you profile perves out there here is a pic of Bat’s profile as well:

Bats Profile

I wanted to hear from people that knew him such as Bill Dabbles (aries.westland) I spoke to Bill and he had this to share:

Bill:   Batrastard Panthar, a pull no punches man from Arizona who loved drums, music, weed, vodka, cooking with bacon grease, his motorcycle and his bass guitar, who doesn’t :).  I first met Bat through a friend of mine who told him I was a graphics guy, at this time he was creating gambling games as Sharkclub Gaming [I always wondered where the name came from] with Shane Nielson and needed someone to do the games graphics.  After seeing what I could do we started working together.  I soon realized he had a great creative mind but lacked the ability to put it into prims and textures.  That’s where I came in, and after around a year of working together and becoming friends, Bat, Shane and myself had become a force to be reckoned with in the SL [Second Life] community.  It was around the time of a breedable slump, people were on a downer about breedables as a whole and were maybe looking for something different, something better, something Buildable !   Batrastard came to me one day and said, something like “Hey Aries, you think you could make a robot?” “yeah” I replied and the original Rolly was born, unchanged throughout the whole process.  It was time for Shane to shine and do what he does best, bring my little Rolly to life. Bat and Shane worked tirelessly, night after night fine tuning the system which let me just add, Shane had never owned any kind of breedable, had no idea of the normal operations of a breedable but yet made one of the best breedable systems SL has or ever will see.  As you all know Buildables is an ever changing, developing system that brings to you variety like no other, features that captivate like no other and for those who knew him, a friend like no other.  Batrastards legacy is right here in SL each time you open a crate, build a bot, interact with a bot, trade and watch it recycle as these were his brain childs.  Those of you who knew him, knew he could be, well awkward? but he said it like it was and for the most [part] he was understood.  This is sometimes the way of genius, he always had some kind of scheme going on, be that in SL or RL.  My last communication with him was through FB when i wished him a happy birthday after we had fallen out.  I miss you buddy and I know if you’re watching from where ever you are you agree with what we’ve done to keep Buildables alive…. peace man.

There are still several people that did have the pleasure of meeting Bat such as Rocko Ghoststar.  He has a memorial dedicate to Bat (pic1) which you can visit HERE.  I also found a pic of a memorial that was dedicated to Bat at the Buildables Headquarter (pic2).  Take a look:

Bat Memorial  2Batrastard memorial at SharkClub Gaming_001

Songbird (gasongbird jewell) also had this to say:   Unlike some of the people who had the fortune (or misfortune, depending on the circumstances) to meet Bat, I had never seen a bot before meeting him. I had gaming machines on the sim I owned at the time, and happened to land at Sharkclub Gaming when he was working on a particular bot. He called me over, wanting to know my opinion, as Buildables was still in beta testing. I was mesmerized by the fact that you never knew what the bots were going to build, and agreed to be a beta tester that first night.  Bat liked to burn the midnight oil, as did I, and there would be many a night he would tp me over to look at a brand new build, and I felt honored he would share his prototypes with me. His enthusiasm for this unconventional breedable was infectious, and he is very much missed, at least by this bot builder. Rest in peace Bat, your bots live on.

There is a great article dedicated to Bat that you may also like to check out HERE as well as an Interview on youtube where we can actually listen to Bat and if you are still wanting to learn more about him here is the link to his RL Facebook profile

The BatRoMech was made in honor of Batrastard Panthar and recently another variant was released .November 6, 2015 was Bats birthday and would have been 46.  Bat passed in RL November 2013, not long after his birthday so to remember him a new and special variant of the BatRoMech was released.  It is limited, 1/46, it is a level 11 and not scored in the usual manner.  Here are pics of the original variant of the BatRoMech, Bat’s avi, and the new variant recently released in remembrance.  After taking a look I think we now can see the resemblance 🙂

BAT Bigcollage

Happy birthday and rest in peace Batrastard Panthar

*Please leave comments and especially if you have a story to share.